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What is Fly Magazine?

Fly Magazine is a guide to dining, entertainment and nightlife. Fly Magazine publishes three separate editions covering Lancaster, York and Harrisburg. Each monthly edition includes more entertainment coverage than any other area publication. For more general information, click here.


Fly Magazine Readership
Fly Magazine targets Lancaster, York and Harrisburg residents between the ages of 18 and 40 who are socially active and possess disposable income.

  • This target audience is maintained through editorial content and strict control of circulation and distribution.
  • The high concentration of socially active readers is maintained through limiting the distribution outlets to bars, restaurants and other carefully selected locations.
  • This target market is verified by periodic reader surveys.

Circulation & Distribution
To maintain the desired readership, Fly Magazine's distribution outlets are limited to carefully selected locations. The quantities provided to each outlet are monitored and adjusted on a monthly basis to minimize unused copies and provide accurate circulation numbers.

  • Controlled circulation prevents "over-inflated" circulation figures and helps keep ad rates low.
  • Fly Magazine is distributed free of charge to its readers.
  • Fly Magazine guarantees delivery by the first of the month.
  • Circulation and distribution outlets increase monthly; contact the Fly Magazine office for current circulation figures.

Why Advertise in Fly Magazine?
Fly Magazine targets and delivers a specific audience that is attractive to a wide range of businesses. This audience plus our monthly format and competitive rates create a powerful advertising tool.

  • Fly Magazine clients benefit from a unique situation in which the readers are as interested in advertising as the editorial.
  • Full-service design is included in cost of advertisements.
  • Ads in Fly Magazine reach their audience for an extended duration due to our monthly format.
  • Fly Magazine's monthly format allows for greater attention to detail, accuracy and design, resulting in better quality ads.
  • Fly Magazine offers consecutive issue packages and other money-saving discounts.

Color Rates
Full color is available for use in advertising at the following additional rates:

  • 4-color process separation: add $150 per issue per month
  • Full color is limited to 1/4 page ads or larger

Discount Packages
Fly Magazine offers several discount packages in order to better serve the individual needs of our clients.

  • Consecutive issue discounts are available for clients purchasing ads in three (5%), six (10%) or 12 (20%) consecutive months. These discounts are calculated in the preceding tables.
  • A multiple issue placement discount (15%) is available for clients running identical ads in more than one edition in a given month. This discount is provided in addition to any consecutive issue discounts.

Miscellaneous Ad Policies

  • A preferred placement surcharge of 20% will guarantee ad placement on the back page, inside cover, or within one of four editorial sections dependent upon space availability.
  • Ad position is not guaranteed without preferred placement surcharge.
  • Publication/delivery is guaranteed on or before the 1st of each month.
  • All advertising is subject to the approval of Fly Magazine.

Ad Design
Fly Magazine takes great pride in the design and layout of our magazine and maintains high standards of quality by utilizing a professional and experienced art department.

  • Ad design is included in the cost of display ads.
  • Clients receive proofs of display ads prior to publication.

Camera-Ready Art
Electronic files that are in accordance with Fly Magazine's printing specifications are accepted. Specifications can be found here or contact Fly Magazine's art department for more information.


Advertising Deadlines
Fly Magazine utilizes two different deadlines to manage work flow, allowing us to better serve our clients.

  • The Ad Size Deadline is on or about the 8th of each month and is the last day to reserve space for the upcoming issue; signed contracts for new clients and size changes must be received by this deadline.
  • The Ad Copy Deadline is on or about the 15th of each month and is the last day to submit ad copy for the upcoming issue.
  • For exact deadline dates for future months, contact the Fly Magazine office.

Billing Policies
Billing policy is summarized below; for more information regarding billing, contact your sales associate or Fly Magazine's billing department.

  • All clients are required to sign advertising contracts detailing duration, discounts and billing policies.
  • Advanced payment of first month's ad is required for first-time advertisers.
  • Except for first-time advertisers, all ads are billed monthly with invoices issued on the first of each month.
  • Payment terms are net 10 days from invoice date.
  • Any and all discounts are forfeited on accounts falling 15 days past due.
  • Advertising will be suspended and contracts will be cancelled on accounts that remain delinquent.
  • In the event of a canceled contract, accrued discounts will be forfeited and a cancellation fee of $200 will be assessed.
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